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Friends, welcome to our post in which we will tell you about unique and Interesting Facts about Snakes. There are more than 2500 species of snakes in this world, and about 725 of these species are poisonous.

10 Amazing Facts about Snakes that may you don’t know.

1- Two-headed snake

You all must have seen the snake, and you must have seen that the snake has the same head, but you may not know that there are some species of snakes in the world that have two heads, and these two heads also fight with each other for food.

2- Snakes can’t be taught anything.

You must have seen many pets in your life, such as dogs and cats, and have also seen that their owners teach them many new things, but it is not possible to do this with snakes because snakes do not have a cerebral hemisphere like other organisms that help them learn.

3- They are still alive even after the head is cut off.

You must have heard that even after cutting the head of the cockroach, it remains alive and its other head starts growing in its place. But did you know that even after cutting the head of the snake, it can survive for hours, but it cannot grow its head back like a cockroach? If someone goes near their head, they can also bite them. It can cause the death of anyone, so one should not go near a beheaded snake.

4- The largest snake

In today’s time, the world’s largest snake, is Anaconda, but the Titanoboa of prehistoric times used to be the world’s largest snake, where the length of an Anaconda was about 30 feet, the length of the Titanoboa was about 50 feet, and the weight was around 1500 kg.

5- Snakes have existed since the time of dinosaurs.

You may be surprised to know that the existence of snakes is very old. Snakes have been in this world for 130 million years; this is the same time when dinosaurs lived on this earth. You can say that snakes have existed on earth since the time of dinosaurs, and many species of snakes have also been discovered in today’s time.

6- Snake with a Horn – Fun Facts about Snakes

You must have seen such animals that have horns on their heads, but do you know that snakes also have horns on their heads? A species of snake found in South Africa named Horned Viper has two horns on their heads; they are also called horned viper snakes.

7- Slowest digestive power:

Although some snakes also swallow animals 70 or 100 percent larger than them, they take time to digest these animals, such as anacondas, which can take several months to digest their food.

8- The most dangerous and intelligent snakes

The world’s most intelligent snake is the King Cobra. Along with being intelligent, it is also considered very dangerous. The King Cobra snake found in India is so poisonous that it can kill even a big elephant with its poison.

9- Snakes don’t have eyelids.

Snakes often sleep with their eyes open; the main reason for this is that they do not have eyelids.

10- What to do if you fall behind a snake

If you ever have a snake behind you, do not panic; just start running by making a zigzag. If you run straight, the snake can chase you fast and catch you, but by running in a zigzag position, the snake cannot chase you for a long time.

11- Poisonous species of snakes:

There are about 725 poisonous species of snakes in this world, out of which the king cobra, blue krait, taipan, black mamba, viper, tiger snake, and saw-scaled viper species are the most dangerous and poisonous.

12- Snakes vomit for weight loss.

You may feel a little strange to hear this, but it is true that snakes also vomit. Often, when the snake feels threatened, it vomits and reduces its weight, from which it can run fast.

13- The world’s fastest crawling snake

The black mamba is the world’s fastest crawling snake, which can crawl very fast. These snakes crawl so fast in a few seconds that they go away from your eyes.

14- Snakes die even after biting themselves.

Surprisingly, it is true that if the snake bites itself, it can die. In fact, there is no poison in the snake’s body; poison is in the snake’s teeth, so if he bites himself, the poison can spread in his body, which can lead to his death. This fact was first discovered by Frederick McCoy in 1879.

15- Species of flying snakes

You must have seen snakes crawling mostly, but do you know that there are some species of snakes that can fly? There are 5 species found in such a world; these snakes cannot fly as high as more birds but fly from one tree to another. All these species belong to the genus Chrysopelea.

16- Snakes can’t hear.

Snakes can never hear because they do not have external ears; they have inner ears, due to which they cannot hear.

17- Snakes can detect earthquakes and tsunamis.

Snakes have a special feature so that they can feel the waves rising from the earth by putting their jaws on the ground, so that they can detect storms like earthquakes and tsunamis in advance.

25- Shocking Facts about Snakes

1- The Inland Taipan Snake is a poisonous snake that has the ability to kill 80 humans at a time with its venom.

2- Snakeskin is very smooth and dry.

3- Anacondas can hold their breath for about 10 minutes under water.

4- Unless you touch a snake, they do not bite; they bite only when someone teases them and accidentally falls on them.

5- With their flexible jaws, snakes easily swallow even prey larger than themselves.

6- Snakes do not have chewing teeth, due to which they swallow their food.

7- Snakes don’t like to live in a cold place.

8- Snakes are found almost everywhere in the world.

9- Ophiophobia is a fear of snakes.

10- Flowerpot snakes are bisexual and do not need a female partner to breed.

11- Some species of snakes can live up to 50 years, but snakes usually live for 15 to 20 years.

12- According to the scientist, the length of ancient snakes was up to 50 feet.

13- From all of the snake species, 30% produce babies, and the remaining 70% lay eggs.

14- Snakes change their old skin several times a year.

15- Some species of snakes use their skin to breathe in water.

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Scary facts about snakes

  1. Snakes sleep for up to 16 hours a day.
  2. Some snakes can live up to 2 years without food.
  3. Female snakes are larger than male snakes.
  4. Anaconda is the world’s heaviest snake, weighing 270 kg.
  5. Snake venom is very precious; its price is in crores.
  6. There are also some species of snakes that have more than 200 teeth.
  7. Snakes are not found in New Zealand, Iceland, or the North and South Pole.

FAQ – Fun Facts about snakes

1.How to get rid of snakes in your yard

Ans- Garlic and onions contain sulfonic acid, which helps keep snakes away from the yard, so if you make a mixture of garlic and onions, add rock salt to it, and sprinkle it on your yard, you will be able to keep snakes away from your yard.

2.What does a dream about snakes mean?

Ans- The appearance of snakes in dreams can mean transformation, rebirth, or the shedding of outdated habits and beliefs, or it can also be a sign of danger.

3.What animal eats snakes?

Answer: The names of some of the animals that can be killed by snakes are given below:

  1. Red-tailed Hawk.
  2. Bobcat.
  3. Wolverine.
  4. Mongoose.
  5. Kingsnake.
  6. Owls.
  7. Crocodile.
  8. Hedgehog.

4.Why do snakes eat their own eggs?

Ans- Snakes eat their eggs mostly due to hunger; when they are very hungry and do not get anything to eat, they eat their eggs. Apart from this, regulation issues, hypermetabolism, stress, temperature, shedding, constrictive habitat, illness, or confusion can also be the cause.

5.Why snakes are friends with Farmers.

Ans- Snakes are called the friends of farmers because they eat rats and other insects from the farmers’ fields, which spoil the crops of the farmers.

Conclusion –

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