50+ Incredible Fun Facts about zebra that are unbelievable.

In today’s post, you will learn about the surprising Facts about zebra. Although zebras come from the family of horses, they are very different from horses in appearance. There are many unique things about zebras that need to be known, and we have written all those surprising things in this post.

8 Interesting Facts about zebras

  1. Zebra is an herbivorous animal.
  2. Zebras like to eat grass, plants, and leaves.
  3. Mainly, zebras are found in the forests of Africa.
  4. Zebras have two eyes, four legs, and a tail.
  5. Zebras like to live in groups, mostly in herds.
  6. The weight of a zebra can range from about 350 to 500 kg.
  7. The life span of zebras can range from about 20 to 30 years.
  8. Zebras are 8 feet long and about 4 to 5 feet high.

Fun Facts about Zebras –

1- The zebra can run at a speed of about 70 kilometers.

2- Zebras look like horses, but their white and black stripes make them different from them.

3- The scientific name of the zebra is Equus Quagga.

4- There are three types of zebras: mountain zebras, grave zebras, and plain zebras.

5- Four zebras can stand and sleep like horses.

6- A group of zebras is called a dazzle.

7- Today, the species of zebra is on the verge of extinction.

8- You will be surprised to know that zebras evolved 40 million years ago.

9- When a hunter attacks a zebra, his family comes to his rescue.

10- Ostriches and zebras are often seen together; they live together and protect each other.

zebra fun facts

11- People spend millions of rupees to hunt zebras.

12- Some zebras even attack humans.

13- There are 13 different species of zebras that have different stripes.

14- If a zebra is attacked, it runs in a zig-zag manner.

15- There are also many religious and cultural stories related to zebras.

16- The zebra keeps her child away from another zebra for 2 to 3 days so that her children can recognise her.

17- Zebras live in herds to avoid animals such as lions and tigers.

18- zebras can bend their ears in every direction.

19- You will be surprised to know that zebras have only one finger on their feet.

20- Zebras can’t see orange.

100 facts about zebras

21- The world’s largest zebra weighs up to 450 kg.

22- Zebras talk to each other in gestures, making no sound to talk.

23- Zebra’s skin protects them from 70% heat.

24- Zebras have very good hearing and seeing abilities.

25- A donkey and a zebra cub are called Zonkey.

26- The zebra crossing is named after the black and white stripes of 26 zebras.

27- In some cities, people rear zebras in their homes.

28- It has often been said that a zebra kills a lion.

29- When zebras from all herds are looking for food, the largest zebra makes sure that no zebra stays away from the herd.

30- Zebra babies start walking only 20 minutes after being pied.

what are 3 interesting Facts about zebra?

31- zebras are always ready to eat grass and drink water.

32- Zebras fight their enemies very bravely.

33- Zebras often travel from one place to another.

34- We can understand the zebra’s state of mind by looking at its ears.

35- There are about 75,000 zebras in the world.

36- humans hunt zebras for their skin.

37- It is also said that humans should never ride zebras.

38- You will be surprised to know that zebras can bark like dogs.

39- Donkeys and zebras are the same, but we cannot teach zebras to act like donkeys.

40- Zebras cannot survive without water; they need to drink water once a day.

fun facts about zebras’ stripes

41- The pattern of their stripes is one of the main ways to identify them.

42- Both horses and donkeys are close relatives of zebras.

43- The word zebra is derived from the Portuguese word, which means wild donkey.

44- A herd of 44 zebras consists of 5 to 20 zebras.

45- Zebras living in the wild live only for 20 to 30 years, while zoos can live up to 40 years.

46- mountain zebras weigh 280 kilogrammes.

47- The stripe of the zebra’s body sometimes confuses predators.

48- The baby horse and zebra are called Zorse.

49- Zebras don’t have the habit of lying down and sleeping.

50- Zebras Are the Most Hurting People Working in America’s Zoos

51- Zebras are invading animals, due to which they cannot be domesticated.

Conclusion –

Hopefully, you have liked this post of ours, and you must have learned many new Facts about zebra in this article. If you want to ask us something about this post, then comment.

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