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All of you are welcome in our post, in which we will tell you about some interesting Fun Facts about bees. Everyone must have eaten honey made by bees, but there are some surprising things about bees that hardly anyone knows about.

Today, through this post, we will give you information about those exciting things about bees, so let’s know about these facts about bees.

7 Fun Facts about Bees that will surprise you-

1.Bees have been making the same kind of honey for 150 million years.

You will not believe that humans have been working to keep bees for the last 4500 years, and bees have been making the same type of honey for about 150 million years; they have probably not changed for the last 150 million years.

2.Bees can revolve around the earth by eating 28 grammes of honey.

It is difficult to believe this, but it is true that bees can travel around the whole world after eating 28 grammes of honey. Only 28 grammes of honey gives their body so much strength that it becomes capable of circling the earth.

3.Strange things about the Honeybee Queen

There is definitely a queen bee in every flock of bees. Two bees cannot live in the beehive because they start fighting each other and fight until one of them dies.

The queen bee lays one egg every 45 seconds a day and lays about 200 eggs a day.

But the queen bee has sex only once in her life, during which she collects so much sperm inside her that she lays eggs throughout her life.

4.Bees have the power to find bombs.

All of you must have heard that dogs have a special skill of finding bombs, with the help of which they detect bombs, but you may not know that like dogs, bees also have the art of finding bombs. They can also detect bombs easily because bees have 170 types of smelling receptors.

5.Without bees, humans will be dead.

Do you know that Albert Einstein once said that if bees disappear from this world, then humans can live on earth for only 4-5 years?

Because according to the principle of the pollen process, if there are no bees, there will be no fruits, and if there are no fruits, then they will not get seeds, which will not make trees and plants, without which humans cannot live.

6.Honey does not spoil for thousands of years.

You can store honey for thousands of years because honey does not spoil for years.

7.It takes 40 lakh flowers to make one kg of Honey

You will be surprised to know that bees need about 40 lakh flowers to make 1 kg of honey. When the bee drinks juice from 40 lakh flowers, it makes 1 kg of honey.

15 Amazing Fun Facts about bees for kids-

  1. 1100 bee stings are enough to kill any person.
  2. In ancient Egypt, people used honey to pay taxes.
  3. Bees are the only insect in the world that humans eat honey made from.
  4. A bee has two stomachs, one to collect the juice of the flower and the other to eat food.
  5. The bee dies after being stung.
  6. The smell power of bees is much faster than that of humans.
  7. The bee flies at a speed of about 15–20 kilometres.
  8. There are at least 20 to 60 thousand bees in the bee hive.
  9. There are only 5 species of bees that give honey.
  10. The bees talk to each other through dance.
  11. To make just 500 grammes of honey, bees have to fly 90 thousand miles, which is equivalent to circling the earth three times.
  12. We get not only honey but also wax from bees; their hive is made of wax.
  13. A bee flaps its wings 200 times in a second.
  14. Every year, a bee produces 25 to 45 kg of honey in their hives.
  15. Bees have five eyes: three small eyes above the forehead and two big eyes.

FAQ about Fun Facts about bees –

1.What happens if a honeybee bites?

Bees are not poisonous, so their bite does not spread poison; only pain and swelling occur.

2.How to remove a honeybee nest

Well, there are lots of methods to remove honeybee nests from homes. In that case, you call a bee control service, but if you want to remove the nest yourself, you can use a spray or powder. Apart from this, vinegar also works as a bee repellant, so you can use vinegar to remove bee nests.

3.How many legs does a bee have?

Honeybees have six legs. All legs performed different functions like walking, grasping, and grooming.

4.Describe How Fast does a bee die after it stings you?

After biting any person, Honeybee dies in a minute.

Conclusion –

I hope you all liked this post of ours. By reading this post, you must have gotten a lot of unique and interesting information about bees that you may not know about.

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