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Hello friends, do you also love cats and want to know a lot of Facts about them, then this post is for you,

In this post, you will get to know all about cats for kids and also learnt some amazing and surprising Things About Cats You Didn’t Know

Not only Facts but you can learn all about cats for kids in this post So, let’s start without any delay and tell you strange facts about cats.

10 Facts about Cats –

1.Did you know that cats can’t taste anything sweet?

2.Just like human fingerprints, cats have different nose prints.

3.Cat can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour wired but true fact

Facts about cats

4.A cat can hear an ultrasonic sound.

5.You will not believe it, but it is true that cats only talk to humans by making a sound, they do not talk to any other cat by making a sound.

6. cats are also left or right-handed like human

7.There are 206 bones in the human body, while a cat’s body has 230 bones, which is very surprising

8.Cats have 14 times more sense of smell than humans.

9.You will be surprised to know that cats can make 100 different types of sounds.

10.North America has the highest number of cats in the world, with about 73 million cats.

25 Amazing facts about Cats | Things to Know About Cats

11.Do you know that cats are also consider to be the cause of the extinction of many species of animals?

12.You may not know that In the United States every year cats injure 86,000 people.

Facts about cats

13.The largest cat ever found in the world is up to 48.5 inches in length.

14.Do you know that the Surprised Kitty Cat video on YouTube is the most popular video that has been viewed 65 million times?

15.You won’t believe that 90% of households in Australia have cats.

16.Cats should never be given ginger, garlic, onions, raw potatoes, tomatoes, and chocolate as all these are like poison to them.

17.Humans and dogs run with their heads shaking, but cats never move their heads while chasing or running their prey.

18.Can you believe that Cats can move both their ears in different directions

19.You must have noticed that when your cat falls, it does not get hurt, the reason is that the body of cats is very flexible, due to which they do not get anything even after falling from a height of 65 meters.

20.There are 34 joints in the human spinal cord, but the cat has 53 joints in the spinal cord, due to which its back becomes quite flexible.

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200 Facts about Cats | Things About Cats You Didn’t Know

21.According to a survey, keeping a cat reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by 1/3 times.

22.can, you believe that the world’s first cat show held in London in 1871.

23.Do you know that a cat name Towser from Scotland caught 30,000 rats in his lifetime, due to which a tower has been built to pay tribute to him?

24.In some countries, cats are so expensive that a cat costs more than $ 10,000.

25.There is also a fact about the cat its urine shines even in the dark.

26.It is a shocking fact that people in the world spend 3 lakh 57 billion rupees every year on the food of their pet dogs and cats

27.Do you know that cats have a unique ability to find their way home, which is called PSI – Traveling, many experts also believe that cats have magnetized cells in their brains, which are like compasses and give them direction.

28.You will find it a little strange to know that cats do not like sour smells.

29. do you know A group of kittens is ‘Kindle.

30.You may not know that cats also dream like humans, cats start dreaming only after 1 week of their birth.

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25 Amazing Facts About Cats You Didn’t Know –

31.You must have noticed that cats cannot chew a large piece of food, the main reason for this is that the cat’s jaw cannot move right or left.

32.Most cats hunt rats at night because cats can see even in the dark.

33.A cat’s heart beats 110 to 140 times a minute, while a human’s heart beats 72 times a minute.

34. Cats cannot see colors properly, they see grass red

35.It is a very surprising fact that cats sense earthquakes 10 minutes before, cats can sense vibrations.

Facts about cats

36.Many countries have banned cutting cat nails, causing cats to experience a lot of pain.

37.Do you know that a cat named ‘Dusty’ gave birth to 420 children in her life, which is a world record.

38.The tinker toy was the world’s smallest cat, measuring just 7 centimeters (2.75 inches) in length.

39.When dogs move their tails, it means that they are showing their happiness, but this is not the case with cats.

40.Have you ever noticed that a cat’s mustache (whiskers) reflects their mood? and in an aggressive mood, they will put their Mustache forward?

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Disgusting Facts about Cats –

41.When a cat wraps its tail around another cat, dog, or human, it is signaling friendship.

42. Cats also walk like camels and giraffes. They first extend both their right legs forward, then the left leg. Apart from these animals, no other animal moves like this. It’s very shocking fact.

43. It may surprise you that the father of kittens born together can be different.

44. Are you aware that in China people eats Four million cats every year?

45.Cats sleep 13 to 14 hours a day. She spends 70% of her life sleeping.

46.You may have heard that a cat made mayor of Alaska for 15 years.

47.People in Japan consider the black cat very lucky.

48.There is also a fact about cats that in ancient Egypt, people used to shave their eyes in mourning the death of their cats.

49.The superstition associated with cats was born in Iraq.

50.You will not believe that drinking milk is very bad for the health of the cat, cats should never give milk because milk contains lactose, and they cannot digest lactose.

51.Did you know that eating chocolate can kill a cat?

52.The most surprising fact about cats is that in the 60s the CIA used cats as spies for the Soviets and the shocking fact about the first spy cat is that the cat was killed by a taxi

53.Did you know that an Italian cat inherited $13 million from its owner?

54.You may not know that there are cat cafes in Korea and Japan to drink coffee with cats and hang out with them for hours.

55.Cats have three eyelids.

Strange thing about Cats –

7 Craziest Facts about cats you didn’t know.

Conclusion – 

I hope you like these interesting facts about cats, and you learned many new things from this post.

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