Amazing Facts about Japan – Shocking and Mind-Blowing Facts.

Welcome friends in our post we will tell you about some amazing and interesting facts about Japan that you have never heard before.

Japan is famous for its culture, food, and technology, which enhances the beauty of this country, so let’s learn some unique facts about Japan. 

101 facts about Japan That will shock you –

1- Japan have About 6852 islands, but only 340 of these islands are larger than 1 square kilometer.

2- Japan is a country of volcanoes. Because in Japan there are more than 200 volcanoes and 70% of Japan is mountainous.

3- You may not believe it, but there are indeed more than 1500 earthquakes in Japan every year.

4- You will be surprised to know that it is illegal to keep dogs on an island in Japan because only 100 people live there, but the number of cats on that island is 4 times more than humans.

5- The way of celebrating the new year of the people of Japan is also very different, they go to the temple and ring the bell 108 times in the joy of the new year.

6- There is also a surprising fact about Japan that the people here have a very long life, more than 50 thousand people in Japan are above 100 years of age.

7- People in Japan love to keep pets so much that there are more pets in their homes than humans.

8- In Japan, people are very punctual, and the train is not even late for 30 seconds.

9- Sumo wrestling is a popular sport played in Japan, which people here like very much.

10- People in Japan love cleanliness, even in Japan’s schools, teachers and students clean the classroom together.

25 interesting facts about Japan –

11- Do you know that people in Japan like to read comic books so much that 20% of the books published in Japan are comic books?

12- The mother tongue of the Japanese is the Japanese language, in which the people of Japan receive their education, even Japanese scientists do research in the Japanese language.

13- On August 6 and 9, 1945, there was a nuclear attack on Japan, which was done by the United States, which was done on two big cities of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

14- It is very surprising that people in Japan use more than 20 methods to apologize.

15- The worst habit of the people of Japan is that these people hunt whales a lot and sell them at high prices in the Japanese market.

16- The business of vending machines is very famous in Japan, where there is a vending machine installed in every street, in which by putting a coin, it gives you cold drinks, noodles, and soft drinks. There are about 5.52 million vending machines.

17- In Japan, train runs on magnetic power, trains run a little above the track, which looks like this train is running in the air, it is an excellent example of Japanese train technology.

18- Do you know that people in Japan consider black cats auspicious and like to keep black cats?

19 People of Japan make new inventions in agriculture every day.

20- Japan is at the forefront of research technology use, Japanese people keep making new inventions related to technology every day.

10 amazing facts about Japan

21- The people of Japan are the most hardworking, perhaps that is why Japan is third in the world’s top economies today.

22- People of Japan like to eat fish, it can be guessed that despite being surrounded by the sea, Japan imports fish from other countries.

23- It is illegal in Japan to dance after noon at night, if anyone is found dancing afternoon in the night, then he can be jailed. 

24- The most educated people in the world are found in Japan, Japan ranks first in being the most educated people in the whole world.

25- There is a rule in Japan that no child has to take any exam till the age of 10, they are allow them to enjoy childhood for 10 years.

26- You will be surprised to know that Japan’s popular dish Fuku is made from a poisonous fish, which the chef making is first trained to make it

27- There is also a fact about Japan that there are some highways in Japan that originate from the middle of the buildings.

28- You may not know that the people of Japan also call their country Nippon, which means the abode of the sun.

29- In 2011, Japan was hit by the most powerful earthquake and a subsequent tsunami that devastated Japan, but Japan showed unprecedented courage and stood on its feet again in a few years.

30- Suicide is the main cause of death of young people in Japan, most young people commit suicide due to work meals.

What are the interesting facts about Japan for kids?

31- People who do not have a house in Japan can come and live in McDonald’s.

32- The largest fish market is in Tokyo city of Japan.

33- On Christmas Day, people in Japan like to go to KFC and eat the food there.

34- You will find it a little strange to know that the people of Japan have a tradition of eating raw meat of horses, people of Japan like to eat horse raw meat.

35- A very interesting thing about Japan is that the people here consider the number 4 as Ashub, even in the buildings of Japan, they consider the floor after 3 floors as the fifth floor.

36- The people of Japan welcome guests wholeheartedly, Japan is also known for its hospitality, even the people of Japan keep a separate room for guests in their homes.

37- In Japan, people believe in earning hard, even if they do not take tips and things for free.

38- In Japan, in every city there are separate hotels open for lovers.

39- The people of Japan have been following their traditions for centuries, the people here celebrate each of their festivals together and give an example of unity.

40- Crime is also very rare in Japan, where there is only one murder in 2000000 people.

40 fun facts about Japan –

41- Japan have the world’s smallest escalator, which has only four stairs and is also in use.

42- Its forbidden in Japan to Talking on the phone or talking loudly on a train. 

43- There are more than 70 flavors of Fanta in Japan

44- Japan, one of the richest countries in the world, is also the most indebted country in the world.

45- Japan itself has the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, and in addition, Japan has the most robots in the world.

46- O-cha green tea is Japan’s most favorite drink, served hot or cold depending on the time of year.

47- Japan imports a large number of Coffee from Jamaica, and it is very popular there.

48- Japan uses about 24 billion chopsticks each year.

49- Brazil has the most Japanese people after Japan.

50- It is a very interesting and surprising fact that more than two thousand people have committed suicide by jumping from the volcano named Mount Mihara in Japan.

Interesting Facts about Japanese culture

51-The world’s most expensive Tuna fish sold in Japan for $735,000.

52- Japan and Russia have not signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to the dispute over the Kuril Islands. very shocking

53- Most people living in Japan prefer to take a bath at night because people there believe that it removes the fatigue of the whole day and leads to good sleep.

54- if the bicycle is not parked properly in Japan, then your fine can be deducted. It’s strange.

55- You probably know that Tokyo is the capital of Japan. 

56- Japan is a country where there is a ruling monarch. 

57- The world’s most populous city is The City of Tokyo in Japan 

58- Did you know that 67% of Japan is forest? 

59- Fortune cookies discovered in Japan. 

60- In Japan, you can take a short nap at work. 

FAQ About Japan

1 when do cherry blossoms bloom in Japan.

Answer – Cherry blossom bloom season in Japan usually starts in late March and early April. Cherry blossoms were first seen in Tokyo city in Japan. Cherry blossoms known as Sakura in Japan

2 How many people live in Japan.

Answer – About 12.57 million people live in Japan. 

3 why is Japan is famous.

Answer – Japan is famous for the following reasons. 
1.Mount Fuji.
2.Flowering cherry trees.
3.Japanese food.
4.Anime district in Japan.
5.Shibuya Crossing.
6.Vending machine.
7.Onsen pools.
8.Bullet train

4 what is the currency in Japan. 

Ans- The Japanese yen currency runs in North Japan 

5 what is the capital of Japan.

Ans- Tokyo

6 what is the national game of Japan.

Ans- Sumo

7 Why is Japan called the land of the rising sun.

Ans- The sun rises first in Japan compared to all the other countries of the world.

8 when did Japan attack Pearl Harbour

Answer – 7 December 1941

9 which is the largest city in Japan.

Ans- Tokyo


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