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It is very important to have motivation in our lives. Motivation is the only thing that makes impossible work possible, so let us also get motivated by reading these stories. You can achieve your goal.

The Motivational Story of Football’s Number one player, Ronaldo


Who would not know the world’s number one football player, Ronaldo? All of you must have heard about Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the world’s biggest football player in today’s time.

Not only this, Ronaldo has become an inspiration for many people today, but all of you will not know that Ronaldo was born into a poor family.

At that time, he did not even have a good house to live in; he lived in a small tin roof house.

Ronaldo’s mother once told an interview that when Ronaldo was in her womb, she wanted to have an abortion.

because she did not want to give birth to him; she already had three children, whose expenses she used to find very difficult.

Therefore, he could not afford his fourth child, so Ronaldo’s mother also talked to the doctor about an abortion, but the doctor refused her.

Childhood was spent in poverty-

Ronaldo’s Father was a gardener, and his mother used to work in others’ homes. Ronaldo says that his childhood was spent in very poverty; he had no Toys or Christmas gifts.

When Ronaldo used to go to school in childhood, he missed home very much, and he used to cry, due to which other children used to tease him.


Ronaldo did not feel like studying; he was very weak in studies in childhood; his interest was more in football in childhood.

he joined the local football team at the age of eight; Ronaldo was a very good player, due to which he was selected for the World Under-17 team.

Ronaldo’s mother has said in an interview that both of them had a joint account until Ronaldo was 18 years old. Whatever money Ronaldo used to play, his mother used to keep that money.

In 2003, Ronaldo was signed by English football club Manchester United for US$17 million, after which he changed his life and never looked back.

At that time, Ronaldo was 18 years old. Ronaldo has become the world’s biggest football player today. The reason for his hard work is that we get a lot of inspiration from Ronaldo’s life.

Success is achieved through hard work.

We can learn from Ronaldo’s life that no matter how difficult life is, if we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything in our lives; nothing is impossible.

The Ronaldo whom no one knew, today the whole world knows him. Sometimes Ronaldo did not even have money for food, but today Ronaldo takes crores of rupees for putting a post on Instagram.

Moral of the story:

We get this lesson from Ronaldo that we should not be disappointed when there is nothing in our lives but should work continuously to achieve our goal. When we work honestly for our goal, no one can stop us from achieving success.


Once upon a time, a businessman came to a king to sell some goods. That businessman had very valuable and wonderful goods, and the king bought a lot from him, after which the businessman showed the king a special stone.

That stone was very shiny. The king thought that he would make his idol from this stone, so he bought that stone from the businessman.

After buying the stone, the king called his minister and ordered him to take this stone to the best sculptor of the state so that he could make the statue of the king from that stone.

The minister went to a famous sculptor with some soldiers with that stone. He told the sculptor that the king wants you to make a statue of him from this stone, for which he will give you a huge reward.


The sculptor was very happy to hear the name of the Prize and agreed to make the idol.

The minister left that stone with the idol and went back. After some time, the sculptor started the work of making the idol from that stone.

The sculptor attacked him with a hammer to break the stone, but the stone did not break.

After which, the sculptor attacked the stone with a hammer about 50 times, but nothing happened to that stone.

The sculptor got tired and rested. After resting for a while, he again picked up the hammer and started hitting the stone.

But he thought that when this stone did not break after 50 times, then after thinking about what would be broken, the sculptor went directly to meet the minister. Going to the minister, he told the minister that it was impossible to break that stone.


The minister was very upset to hear this from the sculptor; he said that now who will make the statue of the king? His friend was also standing near the minister, who was listening to the minister and the sculptor; he said that I know a sculptor.

He will complete this work. On hearing him, the minister went to that second sculptor with that stone, and along with him, the first sculptor also went. He wanted to see who could make a statue from this stone.

When they all went to that sculptor, they saw that he was an ordinary sculptor. Then the minister wondered whether he would be able to do this work, and the minister’s friend said, Do not worry, he will do this work.

He gave him the task of making the idol to the sculptor, and as soon as he hit him with a hammer to break the stone, the stone broke. The other sculptor was very surprised to see this, and he thought about how this stone broke so easily.

By evening, that sculptor had made a very beautiful statue of the king from that stone, seeing which the minister and the first sculptor were very surprised. The first sculptor asked the second sculptor, How did you break this stone so easily?

Then the sculptor replied that you had hit this stone a lot with a hammer, due to which this stone was very weak, so it broke with one blow of mine.


We get this lesson from this story if that first sculptor stabbed the stone once more.

Due to which, he could easily make the idol and get the reward, but after 50 blows, it was settled in his mind that this work was impossible, so he did not try to break that stone once more.

Sometimes it happens in our lives that we try very hard to do some work, but that work is not done by us, due to which we leave that work while we are very close to completing it, so we should never give up and keep trying continuously.


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