Top 45+ Amazing Facts about Deer for kids that you never Knew.

Hello friends, Welcome to our post, in which we will give you information about deer and tell you about some interesting facts about deer.

Deer is a very beautiful animal which is a symbol of spiritual authority. But this beautiful animal has many Secrets which we discuss in this post.

What are 10 interesting Facts about Deer? –

  1. A deer is a mammalian animal.
  2. Deer are found in grasslands.
  3. Deer are found in almost all areas of the world except Antarctica and Australia.
  4. Deer are also known for their beautiful eyes.
  5. Deer horns are very strong and large.
  6. It is through its horns that the male deer attracts the female deer towards it.
  7. Deer have two eyes, four legs, and two ears.
  8. The colour of the deer is light brown.
  9. There is a round stripe of white on the body of the deer.
  10. Deer can see up to 300 degrees with their own eyes.

Shocking and Scary Facts about Deer –

1- A deer is an herbivorous animal.

2- The main food for deer is grass and small plants.

3- Three female deer give birth to one or two children.

4- Female deer give birth mostly in spring.

5- Deer babies start walking only a few hours after birth.

6-. A female deer is also called a deer.

7- Deer can also jump very high.

8- deer cubs live with their mother for 1 year after birth.

9- Deer have a very high hearing ability, so they can hear even the faintest hurt.

10- deer can run at a speed of 40 miles per hour.

Deer Facts for Kids –

11- Deer’s strong and long legs help him run.

12- Hiram is also an expert in jumping; these 10 can jump easily until then.

13- deer are good swimmers; they can swim easily in water.

14- Deer’s ability to smell is also very fast.

15- The life span of a deer can range from 18 to 20 years

16- Lions, cheetahs, and tigers are predators of deer.

17- People hunt deer and smuggle their horns, which is reducing the number of deer.

18- Deer horns fall every year and are replaced by new horns.

19- Female deer are called does, and male deer are called bucks.

20- deer are often seen in herds called herds.

Cool Facts about Deer –

21- Deer live in dark forests.

22- The baby deer is called Fon.

23- Deer need a good amount of nutrition to survive.

24- Male deer work to protect their family from other predators.

25- The color of deer can vary according to species.

26- There are about 40 species of deer in the world.

27- Deer care is also used to make clothes.

28- The deer are one of the fastest-running animals in the world.

29- deer smell food from long distances with their ability to smell

30- The horn-like antlers, found on the heads of male deer, have structures of particular form.

10 Facts about Deer | Secret thing about deer for kids

31- The population of deer in the world is about 300 million, out of which India has 8 to 10 million deer.

32- deer mostly live in groups or herds.

33- Female deer is also called ‘Hind’

34- The size of 34 deer varies according to their species; deer can be up to 12 inches to 7 feet high.

35- Deer of the species called Pudu are the lowest-height deer, whose height ranges from 12 to 17 inches; their weight is close to 9 kg.

36- The mouse deer is the lowest-altitude deer species in India; they are very shy, and their length is 15 inches. They are also known as Indian Chevrotains.

37- The moose is the largest species of deer, with a height of 6.5 feet and weighing up to 820 kg.

38- The lone species of red deer lives in Africa.

39- The fastest-growing tissue antler in the world is

40- Most deer have white spots on their bodies at birth, which end when they grow up.

Weird Things about Deer

41- Deer While resting, deer keep themselves in a north-south direction with the earth’s magnetic field.

42- Deer eyes are very large and beautiful.

43- Deer are color blind; they do not see green and red colors, while deer can see blue and ultraviolet light.

44- Deer have 100 times more sense of smell than humans.

45- Red Deer Species Attract Female Deer by Making Special Sounds

46- Deer’s newborn babies have no smell, Due to which they are Protected from predators.

FAQ questions about Deer –

1.How High Can a Deer Jump?

Ans: 10 feet to 30 feet, approximately

2.How Much Do Deer Weigh?

Ans- The average weight of a Deer is 120 to 160 pounds.

3.What Does a Deer Symbolize?

Ans: Spiritual Authority

4.What Do You Call a Group of Deer?

Ans: Crunch or Herd

5.When is deer mating season?

Ans- September to November

6.How Many Species of Deer Are There in the United States?

Ans: Almost 5 species of deer are in the United States.


I hope you liked this post of ours, and you must have come to know many things about deer. Deer are a very beautiful animal whose number is decreasing. It is even more sad that one of the reasons for the decrease in deer population is that we humans are also their constant hunters, which will destroy their population one day. So, we should protect them because Deer is an impotent part of nature, and they add more beauty in the environment.

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