White Tiger Facts

1.White tigers have blue eyes.

white Tiger Fact 

2.White tigers are slightly larger than normal tigers.

white Tiger Facts

3.You will be surprised to know that out of 10 thousand tigers, there is only one whose Color is white.

4.In today's time, the number of white tigers has come down to only 200, and that too only in zoos.

Tiger Facts

Sabre Tooth Tiger Facts

5.Sabre-tooth tigers became extinct on this earth 10,000 years ago. These tigers are especially known for their long, dagger-like teeth.

Siberian Tiger Facts

6.The Siberian tiger is the largest compared to the rest of the tigers; it is 2 to 4 inches larger than the Bengal tiger.

Bengal Tiger Facts

7.You can hear the roar of the tiger from 3 kilo meters away.

Facts about Tiger

8.The tiger's tongue is very rough, due to which they peel the meat from the skin of their prey.