The southern cassowary is a prehistoric-looking, large, colourful bird found in Australia. They can grow up to 180 centimetres and weigh around 60 kilogrammes.

1.Southern cassowary

The Tasmanian Devil is one of Australia's most unique and endangered species. They are approximately 70–110 cm long, have a large head, and have weak hind legs.

2.Tasmanian Devil

The red-tailed black cockatoo is known for its distinct black appearance and red-coloured ail. These are endangered species.

3.Red-tailed black cockatoo

Australia is estimated to have between 30 and 40 million kangaroos. In Australia, there are more than 55 different species of kangaroos. Therefore, the chances of seeing a kangaroo in Australia are very high.


Platypus is the world's only egg-laying mammal. This is a protected species and a member of the cloaca.


In Australia, koalas look like teddy bears. You can recognise the koala immediately when you see it because of its fluffy and bear-like appearance.


The Frilled Lizard is also known as Frill Neck or Frilly. This lizard is approximately 70–90 centimetres long.

7.Australian Frilled Lizard

Wombat is mainly found in dry forests. The length of a wombat is approximately 70–120 centimetres.


Dingo was probably brought by humans as pets to Australia approximately 5000 years ago. They are descendants of the Indian steppe wolf.


The grey-headed flying fox is also known as Australia's largest bat. They are also called flying dogs. Because of their brown-coloured neck, dark grey body, light grey head, and the appearance of a dog.

10.Grey-headed Flying Fox