Valentine's Day List

The first day of Valentine's Week On this day, lovers exchange roses or send a bouquet to their loved ones.

February 7: Rose Day

The second day of Valentine's Week is a proposed day. On this occasion, people share their feelings with their loved ones and ask a potential partner to marry them.

February 8: Propose Day

The third day of Valentine's Week is chocolate day. On this day, people gift chocolates to their partner or lover.

February 9: Chocolate Day

Teddy Day is the fourth day of Valentine's Week. People express their feelings to their partner by giving them a teddy bear.

February 10: Teddy Day

The Fifth day of Valentine's Week is Promise Day. Partners promise each other on this day to live together for life.

February 11: Promise Day

The sixth day of Valentine's week is Hug Day. On this, the lovers hug each other, which removes all the worries from their minds.

February 12: Hug Day

Kiss Day is the seventh day of Valentine's Week. People who are in love seal their relationship with a kiss on this day.

February 13: Kiss Day.

On February 14, Valentine's Day is the last day of Valentine's Week. On that day, people celebrate their love by going on dates or exchanging gifts. Some people performed romantic gestures for each other or spent quality time together.

February 14: Valentine's Day